hospital Referrals

We Health Cloud 360 is an Online Healthcare Management and Patient Service Provider with secure internet service that enables you to Manage Appointments, Manage Repeat Prescriptions, View Your Summary Record, View your Detailed Coded Medical Record (DCR), Send and Receive Messages, Schedule Doctor Appointments, Imaging Appointments, Lab Tests, Patient billing, Preadmission testing and more on your fingertips. The results of all tests and medical treatment that you received during your hospital visit are documented and maintained in a medical record file(s). Also included are physician reports from examinations, surgery reports, treatment and medications, observations by nurses and other members of your health care team. We provide you to obtain copies of those medical records for future references. From paying your bill on-line and requesting estimates for hospital services to insurance info and requests for itemized bills, our client service representatives are accessible to answer your queries and provide a superior patient experience. For some surgical or special procedures, you may be needed to answer queries that will facilitate us to set up for your care. Depending upon factors such as your age, background and medical history, a preadmission evaluation may be performed by a registered nurse. On behalf of all of our staff members, thank you for entrusting your health care to Health Cloud 360. We extend our best wishes for your good and better health.